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This Book by Suzanne Collins is mainly about the main character Katniss and her role in the Hunger Games. Well, what are the Hunger games? It's the way that the Capitol (in the Hunger Game Series) makes the twelve districts remember their sin of the revolt 70-80 years earlier. The Capitol chooses 2 contestants from each district between 12 and 18, boy and girl. They are brought to the Capitol, train for a week or two there, and are brought into the arena at the same time. Their task is to be the last one surviving, while the others all fight to death. (A very cruel game!!!)

In the book, on the day of the reaping (when the contestants are picked) Katniss's sister and Peeta Mellark from District twelve remain are chosen, but since her sister is only 12, she decides to take her place. They are brought to the Capitol, where their stylists give them wonderful outfits, making them look awesome. Then they train with Haymitch (a former District 12 Hunger Games winner), for about a week, and are brought onto the battlefield/arena. About 13 contestants die in the first day, (as usual), but Katniss and Peeta both survive. Then, about a week or two of intense fighting, only Cato, Foxface, Katniss, and Peeta are left. Foxface then dies by nightlock (poisonous berry). So only three contenstants are left. Cato suddenly appears, being chased by Muttations. They all manage to climb up the Cornupeia, but Cato falls down and gets tortured by the Mutts after a whole hour or resisting. Katniss finally ends his life with an arrow and the Muttations disappear. When a person comes on the microphone to announce that only one person can remain, Katniss and Peeta (The Star-Crossed Lovers) threaten to die together. Then the person goes back on to the microphone to announce that the winners are Katniss and Peeta! The reason for this was because if there was no winner, then there would be no fun of the games. Having a winner was one of the main point of the game.
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Hunger Games

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